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VJ Um Amel developed R-Shief BETA as part of her MFA thesis in Digital Arts and New Media from UCSC in 2009. R-Shief BETA is a bilingual platform serving as a test bed for social media data mining and open source big data research. 


In June 2011, R-Shief V1 launched as a fully fledged platform for research and visualization of social media in the Middle East and beyond. This platform contributed to a community of FOSS activists.


With a sleek re-design in 2012,

R-Shief V2 evolved into a featured web-app for visualizing what had since become an expansive multi-origin social media archive. V2 produced real-time visualization of big data using swarm computing.


In November 2014, R-Shief V3 launched software allowing full and free public access to its historic social media archive and analytics in over seventy languages, including its Search API, Real-Time Visualizer, Arabic Text Analyzer, and Instagram Geolocator.


In 2017, R-Shief V4 enabled multiple users to create their own collections of data in relation to topics/ keywords/ hashtags of their choice. This cloud-computing application stack we called kal3a archived over thirty billion tweets in over seventy languages.

Laila Shereen Sakr

Assistant Professor

Department of Film and Media

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

laila at r-shief dot org

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